Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hero Arts Goes Digital!!!

I knew that would be a big announcement at Hero Arts blog today since one of Hero's awesome artists Shari Carroll has been leaking bits of hints. When I first got on the blog and saw that Hero Arts is going digital , I was having mixed feelings to be honest...

I know digital scrapbooking has been very popular for the past few years, but I never had the desire to try it. It's because the reason that I started scrapbooking and making cards is that I like tangible things. I think scrapbooking is the single best way to turn the intangible memories into tangible treasures. After I started making cards, it became my tangible way to express my gratitude, joy and friendship to all my friends and I love it.

But I looked at things at a different way today with Hero Arts going digital, I am going to open another window for my creativity with this announcement. I will use Hero Arts' beautiful digital elements as well as their physical ones in my card making, I will start trying hybrid card making.

Thanks to Hero Arts for helping me widen my creative horizon!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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