Journey Girl Jewelry Collection

Hi ya, all! Hope you all survived the Black Friday shoppings! I am here to tempt you more though with a little low-tech picture tutorial, because that's how I roll! =)

I know the locket style jewelry has been popular for a while and Fun Stampers Journey has a beautiful Journey Girl Jewelry Collection! I got those pretty pieces in my little paws in the DT package and I was in awe! Finally, I own a beautiful locket necklace! =) The pieces that I got are Diamond Cut Link, Filigree Plate, Cactus Charm, 2015 Charm, Locket Kit Small, Black Accent Plate Small, Ring & Hoop and Sparkle Round Locket Small.

I like my jewelry simple, so this is what I finally settled with and I'll take you through how I assembled mine featuring the next world famous hand model, ME! =)

The Sparkle Round Locket Small can easily be opened from the top. Insert the Black Accent Plate Small into the back loop.

This is what it looks like with the Black Accent Plate Small sitting in the back loop of the Sparkle Round Locket Small.

Here is the beautiful Filigree Plate. I thought it's so intricate and elegant! =)

This go into the front sparkly loop.

And here you have it! Such a simple and elegant look with the Black Accent Plate Small as the backdrop!

I added the Crystal Ring & Hoop to the top of my finished Sparkle Round Locket.

You can open the ring from the opening and slide your locket in it.

Now all you need to do is thread the Diamond Cut Link through the loop on top!

Here it is once again with the Diamond Cut Link on. Wouldn't this look great with darker winter outfits? I certainly am in love with it!

You can see more of the Journey Girl Jewelry Collection here at Fun Stampers Journey. You can also find more tutorials on how my much more talented teammates put theirs together (with proper videos) over at Richard Garay Blog! =)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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