My humble little craft space

Hello, all! =) Thanks RG team assignments, I got a chance to show you my tiny little craft space.

I do all my crafting/card making on our dining table, well, half of our dining table. =) We live in an condo with limited space and I chose to craft in the open in our living room/dining room even though we do have a spare bedroom.

Most of my frequently used supplies are behind me on a baker's shelf kind of thing. This is the view if I turn to my right when I sit on my chair.

Some of these Sterilite ClearView Latch boxes hold finished cards (and I have LOTS of them) and some hold my stamps. Two of them hold embellishments, but in fact, I only use a few bags of sequins these days. =) Of course I have more supplies (that are not as frequently used) and finished cards, but they are stored in our spare room.

There are also tools and inks in here somewhere in their own plastic boxes. It's an organized chaos. =)

These hold "some" of my beloved washi tapes. If you see any boxes like this in the photos, they are all washi tapes. Yes, I know I have issues! =)

And to my right on the floor next to my seat is my trusty Copics in their case and trimmers. The paper bag is for small scraps and trash.

To the right of the table is another chair that holds my laptop (connected to the monitor you see on the table) and projects that are ready to be blogged and/or waiting to be finished.

To the left of my working space are my pens! I love pens and I have too many of them! Also the little Canon Selphy CP910 that I use to print photos (mostly for my journals). And of course everyone needs a TARDIS! =)

To the right of my working space is my little gang. I feel like I am being judged ALL the time though! >_<

That's all! Here is a slideshow if you care to see them all at once! =)

Thanks so much for stopping by my little craft space!

Have a lovely day!


Love to see your craft space!!!! wow!
Your photos are great too, it would be nice to see how you take them. :D
Cheers Alice!
Virginia L. said…
Thanks for sharing your craft space, Alice! I love that you have everything organized and boxed! it may be small, but the talent you have is H-U-G-E! :)
Kerri said…
Awesome love it..I have the same containers..your work is awesome and thks for sharing your space!!
Dotty Jo said…
Looks so well organised! Jo x
Leigh Penner said…
Thanks for the tour, Alice! It's so fun to see where you create your wonderful cards! By the way, I love your TARDIS! And I don't have a gang to judge me.... just a Rey bobble-head from Star Wars the Force Awakens. She's pretty positive though.... ;)
Julie C. said…
It's lovely to see where you make all those lovely cards. From what I can see, it's well organised! ^_^
Tracey McNeely said…
Love seeing where you create Alice and you are so organized. It is so nice to see now you create such beautiful projects in your small space. ❤️
Ardyth said…
I love seeing crafting spaces! Your work is amazing and it's so great to see a 'behind the scenes' look at where it gets done! You've made it work well!
JoeMari said…
Not gonna lie, I totally did not see this as your craft space lol...I love it tho. I really love how you simplified it. Thanks for sharing!
chocos said…
I love how organized you are in ur little space. I have things lying around all the time.
Jill said…
Such an organized, creative, and comfy space, being judged all the time! Haaaa!! So funny! Of course, I loooooove to see all your " washi issues" bc #thestruggleisreal and I love that you have a boatload of it. Makes me smile. Plus: Pens. I can relate to those issues, all too well. :) Thanks for sharing, my friend! :)
Karenladd said…
Wow, this is proof that talent doesn't need a lot of room to stretch. I can't believe you are able to create so many wonderful cards in such a small space, and now I have no excuses! I do find that the fewer supplies that I limit myself to, the more productive I seem to become. More time creating and less time looking for things. Thanks for sharing this peek with us!
Mendi Yoshikawa said…
Such a fun & cozy space! Thanks for sharing where all your amazing creative streaks occur. 😉
Mary M said…
Love your space and your Tradis :)

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